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Dr. Hu’s work exceeded my expectations. He not only saved me thousands but reversed the damages caused by early tooth loss. I endorse his office without hesitation.
— Nhat T.


I have been a patient here for over four years, and I can tell you (whoever may read this) that New Smile and Dr. Hu provide a comforting, if not borderline kindergarten-like feel, that should remind every patient of their younger years. The staff is GRRRRRR-Ate and there is plenty to do while waiting for service, at least for the kids. ALSO, as an added plus, Dr. Hu has iPads filled with games that will  be sure to keep you company while Dr. Hu is actually operating on you ... just no flailing of the arms as a reaction to missing that last platform on Doodle Jump or missing that Green Pig ... Overall, this place is great for kids as well as adults, and the troublemakers in between. I highly recommend!!!


Dr. Hu’s Miracle: I took my only daughter to Dr. Hu’s office when she was 7 years old. Her upper palate was too narrow and her teeth were beginning to get crowded. In addition, she had a really bad underbite. Dr. Hu and his staff explained the process in each step of the way. Even when my daughter had “brace emergencies” such as an uncomfortable wire, etc., Dr. Hu and his staff handled it efficiently and quickly. In addition, Dr. Hu’s office is set up in a very friendly and inviting manner. After three years, my daughter has perfect teeth. Her upper palate has been broadened and her underbite is gone. Every time I look at her smile, I thank Dr. Hu. I highly recommend Dr. Hu for your family.


Excellent service!! My two daughters had braces from Dr. Nelson Hu (New Smile Orthodontics). Dr. Nelson and his staff are very friendly and helpful. We never had any problem or issues. He is always available during after-hours for emergency purposes. Once, my daughter was feeling pain and I called Dr. Nelson at 8 p.m. He responded ;right away and asked us to meet in his office in 15 minutes. I don’t think anyone can provide service better than that. Again, thanks to Dr. Hu for providing such an outstanding service.
— Salman S.


Smile! Thanks to Dr. Hu and his wonderful staff, my daughter now has an amazing smile! The office is very friendly and provided a very welcoming feeling each and every appointment we had. I was very impressed with the up-to-date technology. The staff seemed well informed. The contests and games are a blast for all the patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Hu and his team to all our family and friends. Again, thanks, Dr. Hu and staff.
— Jennifer


Dr. Hu and New Smile Orthodontics are the most detailed, efficient, and comfortable office to have your orthodontic treatment. I gladly refer my patients to Dr. Hu; in fact, he was my orthodontist too when I needed limited orthodontic treatment. It was a very comfortable and most professional treatment. I recommend Dr. Hu and his friendly team.
— Gurrinder S. Atwal DDS, MSc


Thank you for taking care of our patients’ needs. Many expressed their appreciation of the result and your professionalism. Thank you.
— Dr. William Do


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent orthodontic care I have received over the past few years. I am completely satisfied with the results of Invisalign. I particularly liked the ease and convenience of Invisalign. Also, I appreciate the members of your staff. They are professional, courteous, and welcoming. They are a reflection of your excellence and your dedication to your patients. Thank you. Sincerely,
— Julia T.